Sunday, June 1, 2008

Super Sunday

Well lilly isn't sleeping thru the nights right now. She is up and down. she wakes up and thinks it is time to play. I'm not sure what is going on with her but yesterday we decided to keep her up as long as we could and then see if she would sleep all night. Instead of her regular bedtime of 8 or 830pm she stayed up till 945pm. She was so tired. Rubbing her eyes and just not knowing what to do with herself. Do you think it worked? nope.. little punk got up in the middle of the night anyway. I'm thinking she is going thru a little growing spurt right now cause she is eating like a horse. I'm feeding her the #2 babyfoods and she eats every bit of one in a sitting. She gets 3 a day. Yesterday or the day before she got her first biter biscuit. It was funny to watch. I think she is still a little to young for those. She found her mouth with it a couple of times but sometimes she would yell cause she would try to put it in sideways. lol. She is just growing up so fast right now though. While leslie has been here she has taught lilly something. Lilly won't do it everytime but when she tries to it's hilarious. Leslie taught her how to raspberry. We will do our tongues and she will smile and laugh then you can see her start thinking and her little tongue starts moving everywhere in her mouth and then sometimes she starts to get real mad and stomp her foot and then out comes a "plllltttttt." lol. It's hilarious. I asked leslie why she couldn't teach her something useful like her name or my name or how to sit up .. yep no raspberries are what she wanted to teach her. haha.

Emma had a pretty good day yesterday. She opened her presents and she got some cool stuff to play with. She got a lite bright. She loves that thing but after she spilled the pieces for the 4th time with me telling her if she spilled again i would have to put it up. .. Well she spilled and i asked her if she spilled. She was under the table picking up all the pieces and i asked if she spilled and the lil turkey said "no". So i asked again. "no!" so she got to go to her room for lying. I would have let the spill slide but the lying.. not so much. Today we are going to make necklaces and bracelettes. We got beads and everything for it.

Allan is going golfing this morning. The weather is so nice. He is going to go early this am and try to be home by lunch time. He was suppose to go with some guys but they flaked out. He looked really bummed so Emma told him that she would go with him. lol. She is missing her chance though. She is still in bed and he is getting ready to head over there.

More later..

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Anonymous said...

Emma looks like she had so much fun with her party :) That is funny that she wanted to go golfing with Allan. I actually saw a set of clubs at target that were her size and thought about getting them so he could teach her. :)
That had to be something watching Lilly with the baby cookie! I remember them being a huge mess!! I can't wait to meet her. It sounds like she has such a personality already.
I am gonna call later so Emma can talk to her cousins. Sometime this afternoon.