Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting Excited!!!

I'm trying hard not to get too excited. lol My parents are goign to be here in less than 3 weeks. It's almost down to 2 weeks. WOOHHOOO.. Mom and Byron are both coming. I wish I could see my brothers and sisters too cause they haven't met lilly yet but we just didn't have the time to go to Ky and to fly all of them here wold be crazy expensive. Have you seen the price in tickets going up? It has been. yuck... Anyway so i'm very excited that they are coming. We are in need of some good family time. Lilly needs to see some loving faces. ;-) My mom just goes nuts over her. Everytime she hears her squeal on the phone mom just ewwwss and awwws. It's quite cute. She said i don't care if i even go outside while i'm there i just want to stay inside with Lilly. lol. We have plans of goign up to see the Bear Trap music festival on the mountain and Byron wants to see the independence rock. We are also going to go see the concerts in the park. Fun Free stuff. Lots of barbq's.

Speaking of BAR-B-Q.. We went to the best place here in town. It's called fred's bar-b-q and it's delicious. It taste alot like southern bar-b-q and it's pretty much a little hole in the wall. I think one family runs its but it's soooo good. Allan had a pork and sausage plate which he liked and i had a pork sandwich that came in really good sauce and i had a wonderful corn bread muffin. yumm yumm. Makes me want to go there again today and it's only 8 am. lol.

We are screening a new babysitter today. I talked to her dad who seemed pretty normal and professional. She lives in a really nice neighborhood up by the mountain. Not that any of that stuff really matters but it makes me feel better for some reason. I talked to her and she has watched baby's before. She is 17. I really didn't want to go with teens watching lilly but there isn't many others that can. Actually both of my friends said they would take her this weekend so me and allan could go on a date if i didn't like the babysitter. So that is nice and I will probably take them up on it if she doesn't work out. I did talk to her though and she seemed pretty normal. She is coming over today so i can lay eyes on her and ask her a few more questions. I want to see how she is with lilly.

Oh so some other news.. Our computer completely died yesterday. It was a dell that we had over 6 years i think. We had put so much stuff on there. Pictures and blah blah blah. It was getting slower and slower by the day it seemed and i really think it got some kind of virus cause it was being downright weird the last few days. I decided maybe i should turn it off for a while while i was leaving... bad idea. lol it never really came back on. It would flash on but the screen wouldn't come on at all. It just wouldn't respond to anything. So we had been tlaking about buying a new computer for along time anyway so we went out and bought one. I told allan what happened and he has been rooting for new one for a long time so he said go get one today cause we have homework that we have to do and need the computer to do it on. So we bought a new one and i love it so far. It has so much cool stuff. We debated on notebooks but oth decided that we didn't really want one. They are just too little and not very easy to use we thought. We got an HP and its very nice. The only bad thing with all of this is we lost alot of files that we can't get off the old computer. We can get all the pics and stuff because they were saved on photosites and stuff but we can't really get any of our old papers that we have wrote for school or any of that kind of stuff. booo..

Anyway I'm going yardsaling now so i'll see you later

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Anonymous said...

ok so I had this long comment wrote out about how I like hp and some how I lost it LOL anyways the basics of it was that I have an hp and I love it. That sucks about your old papers, maybe if it stays off for a while you will be able to get it on long enough to save anything you may want to save.