Friday, June 13, 2008

This weekends festivities..

Tonight we are going to go have family pictures taken. We never have so i think it's time. Plus i really want some cute ones taken of Lilly and Emma together. They have matching dresses. Well Emma's is blue with white polka dots and Lilly's is red and white stripped with a ladybug on it. I thought this would be very forth of julyish. So by the time we get teh pictures in hand and send them out to people it will be the right time.
Tonight after pictures i think we might attempt to have a fire in the firepit tonight. We will see. It's really pretty today and tomorrow and sunday are suppose to be even better. I'm so excited about some nice weather. Emma got her hair curled for pictures and she is sporting a huge mess of curls. It looks like she has an afro. lol..
Tomorrow Allan is suppose to go play just 9 holes with Jason. That is the one thing he wanted to do for fathers day so it's fine by me. Saturday night i got invited to go out with the girls for a night on the town. Muffy and a bunch of her friends are going out but i haven't decided if i'm going or not. I'd just as soon go play bingo than go drink. I'm really not much of a drinker and never really have been. I had enough to last when i was 21 or 22.
Sunday we are going to go to our new church again. Emma has been asking when it is going to be church day and today she said a little prayer that it could be church day so i feel very inclined to take her to church. I think she just wants to wear a pretty dress but whatever the reason if she wants to go i think she should. Then we are going to bar-b-que it up if it really is as pretty as it is suppose to be.
I'm excited about some smores tonight and to see how our pictures turn out. Our classes are going good. They are keeping us pretty busy but it's nice to get those paychecks from the GI bill so we will keep doing them. Allan has worked a ton this payday. I think this could be the biggest check he has ever gotten. We are hoping that they set up his child support payments like they were suppose to. He did like 50 hours of overtime just this pay period. That's basically an extra week of work. lol.
Lastnight we did make it to the mall and allan got his haircut by the lady he likes and we tried to find something for him for father's day but i really didn't see anything and he didn't really give me any ideas. I was thinking about buying him a gas grill. He say's he is tired of the charcoal one we have and i think i am too. It's kinda a pain to always try and remember charcoal and lighter fluid and if it goes out before everything is done then that stinks. So i'm thinking a gas one might be nice for him. He never really reads this blog so i'm not too worried about him seeing this. teehhee. It's really the ONLY idea i have had for him. Anyway Lilly is down for a nap so i need to go take one too if i can get away with it.

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