Thursday, June 19, 2008

A day of setbacks..

Yesterday was interesting.Not really. We started fine i guess. I was a bit tired cause lilly had gotten up every two hours like clockwork the night before. We did a few errands around town and now that i think about it i still need to get some things done. I have to go pick up stuff for a bar-b-q. Jenn if you read this let me know whta you and yoru grandfather would like to have. I might go to day to pick up stuff or i might go tomorrow. If i go today i'll call you before i head out if you haven't answered.
Anyway back to the story. Nothing has gotten done. I was waiting for allan to get home to try and get some homework that i really need to get done finished. Well he came home and we took the kids to the pool immediately. Then after and hour there we went to eat mongolian noodles. Emma calls them kung fu panda noodles. lol. She was excited to use her chopstix.
Then home we came. Lilly was mad all night before she went to bed. I guess this should have abeen a warning. I don't think i got one single hour of uninterupted sleep last night. I was losing my mind this morning when allan left for work. Luckily Lilly slept from about 630 till 830 so i feel a little more rested now. She is yawning in her chair right now too. I'm thinking she is going to need a big nap today.
So the other setback we had... Emma peed in her pants. I'm not sure what it is about our house or why everytime she comes she has to have at least one accident. She was outside playing with allan and then they both walked in and and she had a skirt on but it was a little wet in the front. Not soaked but the way she was walking told me her panties were. I asked what happened and apparently she tried to hold it to long or something. I'm not sure but she has to get that one under control before she goes to school. Yikes. Kids can be devastatingly cruel about that kind of thing. I didn't really get her in trouble i just said strip and lets go to the bathtub and then she said" and then i can play again?" I said no .. she was upset that she couldn't play but she didn't even seem to care that she had pissed herself. hmmm?? so we talked about how all the kids at school would think she was gross if she peed in her panties and picked her nose all the time. I think that made it thru a little bit but not too much.
Anyway so i'm one tired mom who still has a ton of homework to do and no time to get it done and if lilly goes to sleep i'm so goign to sleep and i don't even care!!!
Anyway i'm going to add more photo's to phanfare in a bit. I'm too tired to do it now but in a bit i will get to it. ;-)

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Jennifer said...

I can't even remember the last time Emma wet her panties. The picking her nose, now that is another story. It scares me with how mean kids are. I don't want her to have to go thru that.
Whatever you guys want for dinner tomorrow is good with me. I will call from the road in the morning to let you know where we are.