Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's day happenings

Today was a very sweet father's day. We had a good time all day. We woke up and i made breakfast for the family. We had pancakes and bacon and eggs. yummy. Then we went to a few yard sales. Allan was excited about one cause it had a bunch of tools. They were picked thru but he found a set of wrenches that would have been a couple hundred bucks and he got them for 12.The guy was selling all kinds of snap on tools which a high quality i guess. They had mostly gone but he said in a few weeks he was going to be selling a whole trailer full of tools so we are going to keep an eye out for that. Emma got a cool fiber optic thing. I'm sure most of you probably had one when you were a kid. I did. They use to be made out of real glass sticks i guess and they use to break off little pieces and stab you. lol This one is better and doesn't break off pieces. She is waiting for it to be dark to watch it in her room. I let her take it in the closet for a bit today and she played in there for quite a while. I took some pics that i'll post later.
After the yardsales we went to walmart and bought allan his father's day present. A gas grill. He tried to put it together but it just took to long so we ended up cooking him a steak on the charcoal one. WE also went to the indoor pool today. It was a fun time. Dad's got in free today. Emma had a blast. She loves that pool. It has ton's of buckets and two huge indoor slides. I went down the slide with her this time and that thing goes fast. I couldn't do it last time cause i was pregnant. I sat in the hot tub too which i couldn't do last time either. Lilly had fun splashing in the water. She was kicking her legs trying to swim. lol. she kept putting her face in the water and would come up licking her lips.. silly girl. It was a very nice and quite fathers day. Allan is finishing up putting the grill together right now and then he is going to watch the golf game he recorded. Emma had her bath and is in our bed watching ice age. Lilly was tuckered out from her big swim so she is in her crib with a bottle fast asleep already. I'm a tired mama so i'm going to head for the bathtub when allan comes in and then when emma is done with her movie i'm headed to bed too.
I just want to say Thank you Allan for being an amazing husband. Just when i think i can't love you anymore you find a way to prove me wrong and show me how much more i can love you! Your an amazing husband and a really good dad. These girls are lucky to have such a wonderful daddy like you. Lilly lights up everytime you come home from work. She just looks and looks for where your voice is. ;-) Emma says " why does dad have to work so much?" She only wants to play with you all the time. She loves it when you have time to play kick ball with her out in the yard. So happy father's day to my sweetheart. My life wouldn't be complete without you in it.

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