Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nic festival downtown

cotton candy
WE went to the nic festival downtown yesterday before emma left. It was fun. They have lots of booths and food and fun things for kids to do. Bounch houses and face painting and lots of bands and musicians. Jennifer showed up pretty late last night. It was close to 11 when she picked up Emma. Their trip was a little longer than i guess they expected it to be and they ran into traffic. So we didn't hae a bar-b-q. They came back by this morning and picked up all of Emma's things. We sent her home with all her clothes and some school supplies and photo albums. She was very excited to see her mama. I'm suprised she slept at all last night. I met Jenn's granfather who was a very nice man. He calls people darling. I think that is very cute. ;-)

So Emma left and just about instantly I was wondering what i should do with myself today. I haven't had free time in a while. Allan had to go up to montana for today and tomorrow. Lots of overtime again this week i guess. He is making money hand over fist but we haven't got alot of free time together since he took this job. We are really hoping that they hire another electrician. Allan says he will keep doing it for another month or two but if they don't hire someone by the end of summer he is going to look for a new job again cause he can't do this all the time. He hasn't had a real whole day off since we picked up Emma really. He has been home and stuff but not a weekend day to sleep in and do what he wants for a long time. well going on a month and a half.

So Lilly and I went to the nic fest again today with our friend Muffy who has jordan who is 4 months oldre than Lilly. It's crazy. That little girl can drink out of a straw and she is starting to learn how to drink out of a sippy cup.. She is 10 months old maybe.. She can stand up holding on to stuff by herself. She is crawling all over and .. well i just can't get over her. I need muffy and her mom to teach lilly how to do those things. ahaha. I don't think lilly is going to be that advanced when she is 10 months but we can hope. :-) We had a good time at the festival. Lilly was singing to everyone. Just blabbering the whole time. Quite the talker. We met up with Muffy's husband Jason and went to lunch at sanfords. The new one by burger king. It has lots of stuff to look at. Muffy took lots of pictures with the girls together. She may forward some of them to me. We'll see. Lilly got pretty fussy in the restaraunt. I guess the festival wore her out. I knew she was tired and sure enough i put her back in her carseat and thought she is going to be out before we get home. She was out before her seat went in the car. lol. So we came home and took a 2 hour nap. I'm not sure that she will sleep tonight but i hope she does. She is still a runny mess of a nose and her eye is better but still a little gunky when she wakes up. Poor baby.
So I rented Oceans 13. I still haven't seen it. I've been doing the redbox rentals. I don't know if your all's grocery store has them or not but they are at our albertsons and it cost $1.00 to rent a movie for the night. It's due back by 9pm the next night. It's a pretty good deal i think. So we rented one last night and i decided I'd watch oceans 13 by myself tonight since allan won't be home anyway. I'm waiting till i can get lilly down for the night.
Anyway that's all that's going on around here. more later...

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