Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funny stories..

So yesterday I went outside to move the sprinkler and for those of you that don't know our neighboors have a pug dog that it older than buddah but they are the same color. I happened to glance over there and i saw Kool-Aid.. That is the dogs name. So i moved the sprinkler and i looked over again and that dog was moving pretty fast for old kool aid. I said.. "buddah" he looked up and came running back into the yard and up the steps into the house when i opened the door. We let buddah go in the back yard and hang out for hours sometimes. We never let him out front because he isn't smart enough not to chase people or run in front of cars. So we don't know exactly how it happened but he escaped from our yard. lol.. He has been back there for a year and sometimes you can leave the gate wide open and he won't even go anywhere cause he isn't smart enough to notice. lol.. Well nothing was open back there and somehow he got smart and escaped. We think that the only place he could have came out of would have put him in the back alley. If that was the case then he would of had to walk around the whole block to make it back home. I can't imagine him being smart enough to find his house. lol. Maybe he is though. The only other explanation that we could think of was that the kids next door have one piece of fence between our yards that is half missing. They stick their heads thru to talk to emma or whatever. They were playing out there so i though maybe one of them helped buddah up and thru the fence? I went next door and the kids said no that they didn't do that.. and the parents said that they think the kids would have been really excited if buddah came over and they would have heard something. lol.. I don't know but they said if they see him out they will grab him for us.

The next funny story was Lilly.. I don't know if i wrote about this before or not. Lilly is singing. When she hears music and it's close to her she sings. lol. If i'm putting her to bed I'll humm or sing in her ear sometimes and lately she will start making noises. LOOOONNNNNG noises. lol. When i stop to talk to someone else she stops. when i start she will start. It's not everytime but it's often enough. She also has a toy on her walker that makes musice when it's pushed. Well when we push it she sometimes sings to that too. It's really cute. She also sings alot when she feels vibrations. When I'm pushing her in the stroller she will sing sometimes. It's funny because people have to stop us in the store and look in there. You can see that they are goign to just pass us and then they hear her and have to take a peek. lol. My singing baby. Maybe it's normal and all babies do this but it just cracks me up.

Next random story... Is about me. Yesterday i was bored and had to go take backa pair of jeans to jcpenney's. Allan needed a longer size so i took them back and exchanged them. 15.99 for a pair of unionbay jeans that were originaly 50.00. woohoo. But anyways, we walked all over the mall again. It's exercise and I'm actually down a size in pants so i think emma being here and me having a cold is working for me.. lol. I'm almost down two sizes. yeah.. can't tell too much cause i have along way to go but its starting and that's something right? lol Anyway back tot the story.. I was bored and out of the blue decided that i really wanted to get the top of my ear pierced. I have always liked that and admired it on others. I don't like a lot of piercings but i like it when they have a tiny hoop up there or something really girly. Anyway i went to claires and aske dif they could do that and they said yes. 23 Bucks later and i had a piercing. The silly thing was that i got freaked out. I was really nervous. I don't know why. I have had all kinds of shots, I pierced my belly way back when and i've had both ears pierced twice. That was when i was 10 or so though. I remember being really nervous when i got it done at a claires when i was ten. I think it was a flashback and I felt those feelings all over again. It suprisingly didn't hurt a bit though. Even though it was cartilidge and a little tougher than earlobe. Still didn't hurt much at all. It's a little sore this morning after sleeping on it all night.
Okay this is long enough. Lilly is fussing in her play pen so I gotta run

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Jennifer said...

That is too funny about Lilly singing. She was very chatty when I saw her!
I like the cartilidge piercings. I have mine done twice in one ear. Mine did not really hurt either, just every now and again when emma hugs me she will hit my ear with her that hurts LOL