Sunday, April 5, 2009

couple pictures over the last few days..

The last couple are of lilly trying to eat her yogurt all by herself. We gave her the whole cup and a spoon and she loved it but oh boy it was straight to the bath after that.
We haven't been up to much except working in the basement. I think we are officially ready to drywall. YUCKO. We have been looking at some tile for the flooring down there. Carpet is hard to keep clean with kido's and we just like the look of tile. We want the bigger tiles. So we are keeping our eyes open for a good deal and talking to some friends we know about borrowing a tile saw or something.. we will see what turns out from that. The snow is slwoly melting here.

Anyway allan is saying he needs to disconnet stuff so i better sign off of here before this is all lost.. lol

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