Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can i do this??

So we are making final arrangments for emma to come this summer. It looks like she will be here from the 11th of june till the 28thish.. of July. That's 6 weeks of having two kidos... Can i be a mom of two? lol Jenn i may have to send lilly back with emma when it's all said and over with. I'm kidding. I'm excited about having her. I'm always happy to have the kids in the summer cause there is so much more for them to do. Emma is always happy to be outside and lilly cries if you try to bring her in so i'm glad that they love the outdoors so much. It makes taking care of them alot easier when they are content playing outside. Lilly just runs around and around the rock with so much work to do, moving rocks here and there, picking up all my garden stuff, chasing buddah, riding in her wagon when anyone will give her a ride. Oh and the park. LIlly has taken such a liking to the park. She doesn't play on anything except the swing. She loves and squeals with joy when someone pushes her on the swing. She doesn't do the slide but she loves to run in the grass. So i see a lot of parks and icecream in our near future. Should be good right? I get a little wonr out with two kids but i think it's because emma isn't here all the time and so it makes it a little difficult. Well i have to explain rules over and over. Then there is lilly that i can't really explain them to her i just tell her no and she never listens.. so.. okay lets just keep our thoughts on parks and ice cream.. lol

What else is going on.. hmm. My mom has been gone all the time. Yep she has been out on the town constantly. Which i'm happy that she is out doing stuff. I mean she was sad and down and i was really worried about her for a long time but she is finally looking like she got some life back into her. I'm glad that she is finding things and actually doing what makes her happy. She signed up for a dance class the other night, she loves to get together with her friend and watch dancing with the stars on monday and tuesday nights, there's just something like every night of the week. So yes i'm happy for her so why does it drive me crazy too..? i have no idea. It's totally her time to go out and have some fun. I agree with that whole heartedly and i can't think of anyone that deserves to have a good time more than her. She has taken care of all of us and deserves to have some fun. ... but ... i don't know. I guess i just wish it wasn't every night of the week. I would like to be able to go out too. Have fun.. or maybe not. I would like everyone to be around for dinner one night . It seems like we have very little family time anymore and i guess it just feels like everyone else around here would rather just dash off the minute i get home which leaves me to do chores, get groceries, and watch lilly and then if i do want to go out i'm in charge of finding a babysitter. I know this is what all mom's do. I'm just having a tough time with it right now i guess. so keep me in your prayers i guess.

lilly just woke up. time to go be a mom again.

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Jennifer said...

I know that feeling of just being overwhelmed!! I can't remember the last time I went out with just the girls...wait I do remember it was when the movie he's just not that into you came out LOL This weekend me and all the kids are heading to my moms so I will get a break...well sort of :)
This summer all you will have to do is open the door and Emma will be happy. I told Allan she is really into gardening right now. I suck at it but we do our best LOL