Wednesday, April 8, 2009

been busy around here..

I had a couple of tests this week for school. I can feel summer sneaking up. Not that the weather is any indication but the feel at school seems to be like it's coming. I've been super busy with my clinical rotations I was up on tuesday at 445am and spent all day at the new hospital again till 430 then was home for an hour before i left for a study group. the study group went from 6 till 10pm. I crawled into bed that night and got up today to go take my test. I did okay on it. It was all the respiratory stuff. I made an 87 which is okay.
Lilly has stopped giving the big open mouth kisses. she now just makes the sound. She will run by you and "smack". it's kinda like drive by kisses. lol. it's just a little click of the tongue. If you tell her to give you a kiss she will just "smack" and keep on going with what she was doing. It's pretty funny. She is really crazy lately. Wanting to climb on everything and just wont sit still for anything. She has shots tomorrow morning. Lucky me.. well Lucky her too i guess.
Anyway I'm off to bed I'm really tired tonight.

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