Thursday, February 11, 2010

took my first ATI test

So we have to schedule these ATI test for school. Every semester we have taken one. Well this last semester we have to take 4 and one more that is a an over all look at how you will do on your nclex. That is at the very end of the semester before we graduate. Today i took one on leadership. I got 2 points. I"m happy about that. I was very close to three points which is the best you can get. So I'm okay. I had to schedule the other three tests today so i scheduled them for the first 3 weds in april that i could get them. I'm more interested in how the overall comprehensive test will go. I feel like i have no time at all right now. I have to do volunteer hours for the other class i'm in so i have to sign up for some of those and i have to take a bunch of extra tests and then i'm telling you there is just something like every stinking day. I"m really having a hard time finding time to keep the house clean or to even go grocery shopping. I"m running on empty. There are so many people i'd like to hang out with and be able to help with things too . .. for example liz and nolan. We really want to get with you guys before you move and we would like to help out if we can at all but this is by far my busiest semester. my mom meet a student that was graduating last year and he told her that they were just killing him that it was hectic and fast and it was all he could do to keep up.. that's how i'm feeling. So i'm sorry if i'm slacking on posting or slacking on everything else.. It's just going to probably be this way till we get thru this and figure out where we are going or if we are staying or what the plan for us is. We just keep rethinking things. I know we will end up exactly where we are suppose to so i'm not getting overwhelmed with all that stuff just yet. I"m going to enjoy the free trip to phoenix next week. ;-) gotta try to get some dinner on and maybe a trip to the store if i can.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

LOVE the videos! Thats my little niece! She's so cute. We will get together when you guys have time. We are all in the same, no time, boat! Take care of yourself first, and your family, and if you have energy after that...STOP ON OVER! :0) I understand. Well time for me to hit the hay! night night!