Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I did it!

I have been sooo sick. Like I thought I might have to go to the hospital the other night. I'm still not over it but its getting better I think. I did go to the doctor. I just couldn't swallow to save my life. It was excrutiating every time. I was spitting rather than swallowing my own spit it hurt so bad. Today its in my ears. I'm pretty sure it is a sinus infection but the doctors assistant that saw me ( some cute little young girl wearing a stethescope) didn't seem to think so. She gave me naproxen and cough syrup and sent me on my way. I have had sore throats before but this was way different. I didn't have a cough at all, in her defense I didn't really have pressure in my head or face either.. But I did have a headache a few days ago and my snot is bright green which makes me think infection!
Anyway I couldn't hear for half the night tonight. Yesterday I was crying on the couch my throat hurt so bad. Not raw it was more like swollen gland but they weren't swollen. Anyway I finally got enough energy and pulled myself together to try to study last night. I hung in cause study group was scheduled for my house and it was the night before the test. Anyway I can't believe it!! Today I took the test and meghann asked my questions in the car before it and I couldn't remember anything my head wasn't there at all. Anyway I went in took it and I "unofficially" got a 97. That's the raw score before the teacher throws out questions or what not. I did better than my friends for once. Lol I study with them cause they are smart cookies!! I hang out with them cause they are fun. I was astounded cause I got like a letter grade difference than most of them! Woohoo! Apparently I know infections and autoimmune and allergies and std's. Haha
Anyway lilly is doing great. Allan is home tonight we are trying to get some painting done around the house. I didn't have clinicals today. My instructor lost her home over the weekend. It was on the news ( the home explosion). I guess her husband or soon to be ex commited suicide and cut the gasline? Anyway needless to say she needs a few days off and they couldn't find a substitue for us so since we were just going to be getting the lay of things the first day they said not to worry About it. So I'm concentrating on getting over this sickness in the next few days. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! He blew up their house!!
I am with you, sounds like a sinus infection to me too. Green snot is never a good sign LOL I can handle just about any kind of sick but throat pain is my breaking point. Good job on the test!