Saturday, February 27, 2010

long day yesterday..

I completed most of my painting. I have two smaller walls to paint but i don't have the paint yet. Yesterday We hung out with maddie and jake for the day. I took the kids to mcdonalds. They were happy to play on the playground and then we went and saw alvin and the chipmunks. Maddie got a little scared in the theatre. The little ones were glued to the screen. It was cute. I took some pictures but i haven't downloaded them yet. We went and met up with nolan and liz and his parents at the hotel they were staying at and had pizza and took the kido's swimming later that night. All the kids were so tired. No one had a nap yesterday so they were just a little poppered out. So the thorsrud's are on their way to north dakota this morning. I guess it was a hectic day wrapping up their house and moving truck, but everything got taken care of so we are wishing them warm wishes on their new adventure. We hope they find a wonderful house to call a home soon and that nolan loves his new job. We will miss you guys but wish you all the best!

We still haven't heard from arizona yet. Allan has had some other jobs call him. One oil company in texas and east ky power in ky wanted him to come take a test. So we are still not sure what we are doing. In the meantime we are just getting the house in order slowly but surely so that we can put it on the market when we want to.

Lilly and I are having a girls day today. WE went to breakfast with my mom and then we made ranch snacks for allan so that he will have some snacks to eat when he comes home from montana. I think it's looking like he will be back on monday. Tonight holly might bring her boys over to hang out with lilly. I think we might look at some white nursing dresses for our pinning ceremony. I want to go ahead and order one so that i can try it on and have it all ready by may. My pinning ceremony is the 14th of may at 1pm. Sandy and Wade mark that on your calendar please!! lol. We hope that we can have our family's come Graduation is that night at 7 at the even center. I think i am going to walk in the cap and gown. My friends are giving me grief about it and my mom would like to see it. I never walked in my highschool one cause i graduated early and went on to the navy and whatnot.. so.. yeah i guess i'm goign to walk in it this time.

Anyway that's all the news i have for now. see you all later!

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Sandy Keyes said...

I got Graduation date marked in my book. Dad will be working, but I will be there. You are almost there!! Kiss Lilly for me! Love, Grammy