Sunday, February 7, 2010

found a home already!

Yep i posted on facebook and my friend ann called me right up said she loved buddah and wants him . I told her i would call when we were ready to depart with him. I'm so happy that he gets to go to someone i know and she loves loves loves dogs. She has 3 already and they are her babies. she has one pug a very old bulldog that has to wear diapers cause she leaks, and she saved a chiwawa ( sp) from the pound a little while back. She moved out to the pathfinder ranch with her husband who helps run it i guess. So buddah will have other dogs to play with and lots of room to roam. I think it's great. Lilly will be sad and so will I when we actually have to give him up but I'm so so happy that it's to someone i know and like and i can check up on him from time to time. That's just a blessing!

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Jennifer said...

I am glad you found a good home for him! Yeah the AZ heat would probably kill him. Hell it almost kills me and I have been here my whole life LOL