Friday, February 12, 2010

I"ve so been enjoying my munchkin!

Lilly got her first real purse today. It has frogs on it and is adorable. I filled it with odds and ends. One thing i put in there was an old pair of huge white sunglasses of mine. We got ready to go out tonight and she grabbed her little purse which was very dramatical. I put her in her seat in the truck and buckled her in. When i tunred around to glance at her a while later she had those huge glasse on and was dancing bobbing her head back and forth to music. It was the most adorable thing cause it was pitch black outside. haha. so i took a picture but then thought i have to get this on camera. I pulled over to tape her but as soon as the light in the truck came on she was fussing at me saying " no light". So i only have the video of her not agreeing with the light being on. my kid wears her sunglasses at night and that's how she rolls!

Tomorrow we are taking buddah to his new home. I"m happy that he is getting a good home where i can visit him or call and check on him but a little sad to be dropping him off. However he did poop in the house today and i stepped in it so that reinforced my decision pretty good.

Allan got called out again tonight so it's just me and lilly hanging out at home again. i'm hoping he gets home tomorrow in time for us to go on a date for the weekend. I really want to see that "valentines day" movie. it looks cute. anyway i gotta run and get miss priss in bed. see ya later.


Sandy said...

Mama, she can't see outside with the light on! And her new sunglasses hold down on all that outside light glare. Smart little girl! What else is in the magical purse? HA! Love, Grammy Sandy

Sandy said...

Glad you found a good new home for Buddah. Lilly will miss her playmate for a little while, but you won't be stepping in poopoo. Love, Grammy