Thursday, February 4, 2010

new oppurtunities!

We have been so busy around here. I have two more weeks at my current clinical site before going on to the progressive care unit at the hospital. (This will be my last spot)
LIllys apt went well. She was very upset with having to be in her diaper. But she is healthy and growing like she is suppose to. She weighs 25 lbs and is 35 inches tall. So that put her in the 75% for height and 25% for weight. This is where she has pretty much been everytime.
Allan did an interview at a steel mill in phoenix. It was a phone interview but they gave him a test over the phone and he got them correct so they have asked both of us to come to phoenix so he can do a face to face interview. It sounds like a pretty good job. Rotating shifts but the pay is the same as here pretty much. They have scheduled flights for us for the 18th-20th to come there. They also booked us a hotel room and rental car. Oh and we fly out of casper no denver so that is great! I'm excited to go. Allan has flew to different interviews before but this is the first one that they wanted me to come too. So its impressive. I think they will offer him the job as long as he doesn't bomb the interview. Hehe. So we will keep looking around for stuff in ky and if he is offered this job ill look more in az but graduating and getting our house on the market is the plan for the meantime.
I find out my first grade for the semester at lunchtime today so ill post on that later. Allan's classes are going well too. He is keeping up. He isn't ahead but he could be if he was at home more. The classes aren't bad its just time issues cause his job has picked up. Anyway ill post more later and a pic of lilly.


The Mason Bunch said...

Sounds great. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

I responded to your comment on my page :) It is impressive that they are flying both of you and out of Casper non the less!

Sandy said...

Tell Allan, we will be praying for him. If you see Emma, give her a big hug and Kiss from us. All of this is just going so fast. Keeping all of you lifted in prayer. Love, Grammy Sandy