Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun weekend

Lilly and i hung out alot yesterday. We went out for lunch and to walmart and then we went tire shopping for the best prices. Then we went and visited with her cousins. Maddie had a special racecar event. I don't want to go into to many details because i'm sure liz will want to write and post pictures of it so we won't ruin that for her.. I'll just say that it was soooooo cute! and Maddie had a very very pretty car. Very creative and we don't know if she won a ribbon or not because we had to leave early but she should of!
Last night we had a babysitter so i could go play bingo with two friends. WE didn't win anything but a young girl like 18 or 19 did win 5000 bucks. She cried with excitement so i was glad she won.
Allan is still out of town. I don't know why but i didn't fall asleep till 4 am. I don't know if i just drank too much caffeine at bingo or what happened. I just laid there and laid there. I'd turn the t.v. on and off and on and off. Then i woke up at 830. So not too much sleep last night. My friend that went to bingo got about the same. Poor holly. She lives in midwest about 45 minutes from town. So she picked up her kids and headed homearound 11. She got into bed around 1am and then at 5am her dog was barking she got up and there was a man in her house. YEp.. she is a single mom and it really shook her up. She usually keeps guns in her home but this time they were at her mom's house. Luckily enough her 5 lbs dog made the man leave and he was already turning to leave when she saw him. She didn't make a sound and he left back out of the front door. She however didn't sleep anymore and is spending the day changing locks and going to go get her gun from her mom's house. Poor thing.
Anyway So i'm glad allan is coming home tonight. I just have come to the conclusion that i don't like it so much when he is gone. He use to be gone so much i was use to it but now he doesn't leave too much so when he does i don't like it anymore.
I put some more applications in for hospitals in somerset and lexington ky. My hometown hospital is hiring all kinds of spots but they pay pretty crappy. Well about 3 -4 bucks less than here. However that cost of living is just sooo much cheaper. here is alittle comparison that i took from the net..
Cost of Living Indexes Casper Somerset
Overall 90 79
Food 108 104
Housing 68 51
Utilities 107 79
Transportation 94 84
Health 98 94
Miscellaneous 100 101

So not tons cheaper by this comparison but genereally cheaper in every area. So it makes a big difference overall. Lexington which is a bigger city with more hospitals pays better. They start at a little bit more than here and the cost of living here is at a 90 and lexington is an 86. here is a picture of a random road, the lake and the hospital in somerset.

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Anonymous said...

it looks really pretty there! Who knows if you guys move that way then maybe I will have to move somewhere close to there. LOL

Did your friend call the police??? OMG I would have freaked the F*%K out! Yikes!