Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay quick catch up note.

I took lilly to her first movie yesterday. We went and saw princess and the frog. I don't recommend the movie if you have kids that get frightened easily. There was a voodoo guy in there that was a bit too scary for my liking. However lilly did great. She was so cute. She sat in my lap almost the entire movie but she would start daning in there were dancing parts and she was involved in the movie. She would say things like "oh no frogs." or "where did they go". For two years old she did fantastic. She sat thru the whoel thing barely moving. She did cover her head when the scary parts came up.
I've been baking some. Last night i made the cookies with the reese cups in the middle. THey are yummy and allan is eating all of them. I also used liz's manicotti recipe. It came out wonderful and fed an army. I took a pan over to my mom's and allan ate and meghan my friend had some and we still have left overs> meghann isn't a fan of manicotti but she even liked this one. So that was a hit. I also made chocolate pudding cake the other day which was not a hit over here, but the carmel rolls i made and served to about 4 girls were a big hit. I did look in the frozen bread aisle and they do have frozen cinammon rolls so i picked up some of those so i could do them again soon. So Yummy!!
I worked on my resume some. It's not too shabby for a soon to be graduate nurse. I'm thinking about sending it out soon. I heard wyoming medical center does interviews spring break week. So i might as well get it out there and see what bites i get. Allan got a call about a job in phoenix the other day. This has made us start thinking about that a bit. I found out that they have hospitals there that have graduate nurse programs that train you in a path for the ER, NICU, PICU, or ICU. They also pay 1200 if you use their moving company or 2000 if you use your own. I thought that was pretty interesting. I guess one of the hospitals sends a person up here for career day so i'm going to talk to them in feb. This would put us alot closer to emma which would be nice. We could do the every other weekend thing again. THat would be nice. I also happened to look at houses.. AMAZING!! phoenix apparently was hit pretty hard by the housing stuff. Houses are way cheap now for beuatiful homes. Which is great if your buying. !! Allan and I are keeping an open mind and trying to weigh all the options. This phoenix deal is the only thing that has made us both excited and talking about it alot. So we will wait and see what happens. There are alot of schools so allan could finish his degree there if he wanted to. Just keep praying for us so that we go where we are suppose to.thanks !!


Anonymous said...

You know my vote LOL I emailed you the website to the hospital that my sister works for. :) That is awesome about Lilly and the movie. I am addicted to Disney movies so I have been wanting to take Emma to see that one. I was just not sure how it would be by the previews.

The Thorsrud Family said...

the Manicotti freeze very well also. Make them up, Just don't put the sauce on them yet, and freeze. I would probably under cook them if you are freezing. I'm sure if you wanted to you could freeze the sauce separately, and just defrost both when you need them at room temp, and then cook! I wouldnt freeze them together, they might get soggy. Glad you liked them! I havent cooked them in a long time, and probably shouldnt with my dairy issues :0( You're turning into quite the cook! I'm sure your family is lovin' it! I go through spurts too, but lately it's harder to make really nice meals, with the house showings. :0( I'm wanting to use up my buttermilk tonight and make fried chicken. I'm praying for a break in house showings! No one likes a greasy smelling house! And I can guarantee I will make a mess!