Thursday, January 28, 2010

Okay yes i'm horrible..

I can't seem to find time for anything. lol little long blogging. I have soo soo much going on with classes. This semester is flying. I"m half way done with my first clinical rotation this semester. We only have two and a delegation week where we follow a nurse( well work with a nurse). In between classes i had to find time to do taxes and i have to go get tags for the truck. Allan was home tonight so he let me have time to study because i have my first test coming up tuesday. We are having a study group tomorrow and monday. I don't think it will be too bad we have covered thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, putitary, and diabetes. Next chapters are all on cancer i think.. or autoimmune diseases. I had to find time to go check out a place to volunteer cause i have to have hours of volunteer work. I"m going to volunteer at the healthcare for homeless.It seems pretty interesting there.
LIlly is doing great. She loves playing with her grandmother on my school days. but my mom had to spank her for the first time ever.. yep lilly hit her in the face when she took something away from her. So my mom told her no hitting and then spanked her on the leg. ( not sure how that teaches her not to hit exactly.. lol) But lilly cried and said " I soooooo sorry" i've heard i'm sorry alot but never i sooo sorry. So i thought that was funny and i guess she meant it. She doesn't have any brother or sisters here to hit so the adults get the brunt of her frustrations.
Besides trying to keep up with everything going on and lilly i've been out of commision. I had the nasty sinus infection. I can still barely hear out of my left ear and only today did my taste start coming back. I still can't smell too much. I also pulled or twisted or something a muscle in my neck and shoulders so i could barely pick my arm up. NOt fun.
I had clinicals but got to go to the ER and OR. The ER was a blast and made me think it might be fun.. you just never know what's going to come in so it keeps you on your toes. I don't want towork in a major trauma hospital's ER but a small one might be fun. The OR was boring for me. I asked the other students how many surgeries they have seen and most of them said 3 or 4. I have seen 12. The last one was 4 hours long.. I don't do anything when i'm in there just observe and watch the surgeon. I put a catheter in too but that's pretty boring. The ER was much funner. Trying to guess what was wrong and seeing if there labs would come back to prove it.
Allan and I are still talking about staying or going and where exatly we want to go to.. lol. We will know when it's right. My brother Jeremy works at two hospitals in KY. One is UK they recieve all the major trauma's in the state.. dont' wanna work there. But the other is st. joesephs. It's smaller. He knows the ER manager really well so i put in an application just for the heck of it. Allan looked around too. Ky is beautiful. I never saw myself going back there but i have to say i love that you can grown all kinds of things, i love that it has four seasons, i love the lakes and the green, I love the fireflies, the wood burning stoves, the rainstorms on summer afternoons with lightening and thunder. There are some pretty awesome things there and it's dirt cheap. So it's horrible finding a job there but if we could land two jobs i bet we would go there. lol.. Allan seems excited about that prospect more than i would have thought. IN fact he is the one that first put in for a job in ky. i had told my friend that day there was no way i would think about ky. lol.. then allan mentioned it and it got me thinking. So yes the possibilities are endless and we are just keeping a very open mind. It will be interesting to see where we land or if we just stay right where we are. Hard to tell. Only the lord knows for sure i guess.
Anyway everyone is in bed but me so i better get there. I gotta a long day of studying ahead of me tomorrow. ONe thing at a time.. or one test at a time. lol
good night you all!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like Lilly is at a fun stage LOL Oh btw No you guys can not move to KY! That is too far LOL Stay west coast so we can have more short term visits with Em instead of one long one! Yes that is what I think hahahhahaha Oh are you guys still coming here for spring break?