Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekend fun

We had so much fun yesterday and today lilly is cracking me up. She was playing with the phone most of the morning and she called her grandma twice. I knew she was playing with it but she usually just pushes the off and on button a zillion times. I thought it was cute cause she was actually holding the phone up and saying hi dad! I guess she was calling her dad. He left for montana this morning by the way. Anyway, she called my mom and apparently chatted her up then hung up on her twice.
Yesterday I took lilly to the pool. She had a great time. She doesn't want to waste time on the little kid slide. All she wanted was to go down this huge yellow one. Jason and muffy came with their two year old jordan. So jason took turns taking each girl down the slide. I am notorious for drowning children when I try to take them down. Lol. I ended up taking her once and I think I kept her mostly out of the water at the end but I choked down some and cleared my sinuses. Haha. We went to old chicago for dinner. The food isn't my favorite and it was a long wait. However, I found out that they have the best cheesecake I have ever had in my life! It is soooo good! Melt in your mouth good! So I will probably go there for desert sometime. After dinner we went bowling with muffy and jason, and two other couples and a bunch of kidos. Lilly had a blast. She walked in there trying to grab all the balls and she acted like she knew just what to do with them. We put the bumpers up when it was the girls turn. They also turn off the lights and put on all the crazzy strobe lights and music. So the girls had a wonderful time dancing to the music. It was a very fun day.
Today I plan on watching the saints play this evening but other than that I have no plans. Hope everyone enjoys there last weekend day. I got lilly in big girl panties but she hates even sitting on the toilet right now so we are in trouble I think.

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