Sunday, January 3, 2010

busy busy busy

I"ve been cleaning junk drawers and changing bathroom decor and going thru lilly's clothes and oh the list just goes on and on today. I"m pooped! lol. I have some reading i need to get done and a resume i need to write for school. Maybe someday i'll get it all done. I have to remind myself that i still have about 9 days before school starts again. I know this semester is going to start off fast and probably just fly by. Which is fine by me i guess. Allan and I have some big decisions coming up and we keep leaning back and forth between all kinds of options so please keep us in your prayers that we will be guided by the lord and that we will know which way to go for sure. We keep talking about our futures pretty seriously from everything like when we would like to try to have more babies to where we would like to live and what kind of jobs and schooling we would like to have and do. I know it will just all work out like it's suppose to so i'm not too worried and neither is her but it's still always stressful when you think about uprooting from what your comfortable with. Anyway i'm going to get back to the grindstone and get a few more things done around here. See ya later!


The Thorsrud Family said...

OH YEA! Chicken fried came on right away! "Pair of jeans that fit just right...and the radio uuuuuupppppppp. "

Anyway. We will be praying for you guys that you can be guided in GODS will. It's so easy to do what we want, but doing what God wants and listening to him is SO important. We have learned a lot about that with this possible move. People ask us if our house doesnt sell if we will move. Nope! It's not God's will if our house doesnt sell! It will work out the way it's suppose to for all of your decisions. Take every day as it's own! Pray often, and stay close to God. He only wants what is good for you! One thing we found to be so important is making sure we have a church family where we are going to end up. You can't move somewhere and not grow in Christ. That would not be glorifying to God, we would loose our relationship with Him. So before we made our decision, we found a church that suited our family, and it felt right, and we felt very peaceful about our decision. As for if it's God's will? We will find out!

The Mason Bunch said...

You will be in our prayer. God will lead you to where and what you need. Just keep praying.