Friday, February 19, 2010

its gorgeous!

We arrived in phoenix yesterday and it was 75 degrees out. We ate at allans favorite burger spot in-n-out. It was yummy like we remembered from san diego. They make it all fresh. I watched them cut all the tomatoes and lettuce for the burgers. We went and drove around looking at some houses and then did a test run from the hotel to the steel mill. That place looks big and a little intimidating to me but allan is there doing an interview this morning. I'm hoping it goes well but I'm just praying about it. People are wearing shorts and it feels great here. Our hotel is so pretty. Very fancy. We have a mini suite with a huge flat screen tv so we snuggled up and watched some olympics last night. I'm waiting for emma and jen to come get me to explore while allan is still at his interview. I think we are going to try and eat some mexican food for lunch with emma and jenn later when allan is done then take a break for me and allan to explore some more on our own then maybe meet back up for dinner with them again. We will have to see. Its such a short trip its hard to get evrything in that we want to see and do. Ill post some pics when I get home.

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