Wednesday, February 17, 2010

we're off to see the wizard

Okay maybe not the wizard but we are off in the morning to see arizona again. I'm going to try not to like it.. Lol any place that is in the 70's right now is bound to look good though. I'm a little worried over allans interview. He is studying right now for it. I'm not sure if I'm scared that they will or won't like him. If they like him I'm scared he will want to go and then on the other hand I'm scared that he will feel rejected if they don't like him. Lol allan has nailed just about every interview he has ever done though...
While he is interviewing I'm going to meet up with jenn and emma and hang out. I think we are going to do some retail therapy. I want to get some good flip flops since our selection here is limited. We will probably meet up for dinner later on friday night too. We are going to check out some neighborhoods while we are there and I might look at some nursing homes or hospitals if we have time. Its a very short trip so we will have to see what we can fit in.
Anyway ill be back on saturday.
I practiced some iv's today. I got in the first try. It was fun but my hand hurts from letting my friend try on me. She did fine I just bruise easy. I also have pink eye so that's fun I look like a drug addict with my gross eye and track marks.. Lol
See you all on sat! Stay tuned!

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Sandy Keyes said...

Good luck with Phoenix. Kiss Miss Emma for me. Sorry about the pink eye, that hurts too! Love, Grammy