Sunday, February 7, 2010

football, massages, and new home for dog

Yes today is super bowl sunday! Can you believe it? I'm rooting for the saints. I'm still a littl sick over the chargers and I have been thinking of switching teams. I would have picked the saints cause of drew brees but I guess if they win the super bowl everyone will think I switched cause hey won. Oh well!! Lol
Tomorrow my friends carissa that finished massage school a while back is going to come give me and allan hot stone massages. I've never had a hot stone one before so I'm interested in that. Its my present for us for valentines day early. Hehe.
So we need to find a home for buddah. We are just not around enough to care for him like he needs it. He loves kids and is so good with lilly but we don't get to walk him hardly ever, if we move to arizona I don't think he could take it. He doesn't breath well in the summer cause he is a pug so he would have to stay in so much. That's just not nice for him. Plus I'm sick of dog hair. Its everywhere all the time. I know that sounds mean but its true and I think we would just wait a few years then maybe get a new dog when lilly is old enough to enjoy it more. She loves buddah but lately she just yells at him and she has even kicked at him a few times so yeah we are looking for a home for him. I posted on facebook to see if anyone I knew wanted him but I think if that doesn't work ill put an add and screen some familys if we get any takers.
Anyway hope eveyone is having a good super bowl sunday! I have to go start making nachos! Woohoo go saints!

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