Sunday, February 14, 2010

hmm i like to play with markers

last night lilly decided to play with her markers and colored a bit too much. She ran to me and got my attention and i said " oh my gosh" i gave her a baby wipe and told her to wipe off her face. She wiped her cheek which wasn't colored at all. So i took her upstairs and was kind of still laughing at her. She sat down with her baby wipe and decided to try to clean off her puzzle that also had marker on it. She would pick up a fish start wiping it off and she said " oh my gosh" then moved to the next one " oh my gosh".. and so on.. She is picking up everything. I was so glad that all i said was "oh my gosh" and not any other choice words. lol..

She has also been doctoring her cow which i posted a video on but here are some pictres of her trying to smile .. she is doing a dorky smile with her eyes closed now everytime you ask her to smile or say cheese.

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