Saturday, February 20, 2010

okay pro's and con's of possible move to arizona.. lol

Pictures included.. here is our trip.. thru my eyes.. A wonderful site.. it's called the sun. I forgot what sunshine felt like. lol It was setting when we got there but 75 degrees out. So nice definetly a pro! and then i turned around and saw why the car was slowing.. traffic. I hadn't seen traffic in a while either.. a con! then i saw ASU and thought what a wonderful place to get a bachelors degree. a pro! and then we ate dinner at our favorite burger joint in-n-out. yummy it was delicious as we remembered and brought back memories of san diego days. lol another pro.
we checked into our room and it was crazy. I thought for sure they had mistaken allan for someone else.. lol sorry allan. but we had a mini suite in a very nice hotel. it came with a huge swiveling lg flat screen lol. oh and there were palm trees outside so another plus
allan interviewed at the steel mill and we think it went great but we will wait for the written offer that will come in the mail in a few weeks. fingers crossed on everything... i think its a pro

the biggest pro was that we got to hang out with emma! :-) it was great to see her. we went swimming in an outdoor pool and had yummy mexican food. It was quite fun and i got my flip flop fix and bought two cute pairs! pro pro pro okay so here is a little con for all you smokers out there.. look at this closely..


The Thorsrud Family said...

Wow, those are some expensive cigs! Glad you guys had fun and got to spend time with Emma! Let us know what happens with the letter :0)

Sandy Keyes said...

Con: No Grammy!! Glad it went good though and very very happy you guys got to hang out with Emma. That is the best Pro. Love, Grammy