Wednesday, February 24, 2010

eye opening experience today

We had a simulation in class today. They gave us groups of four and had two of us be nurses and two of us be CNA's. They had a dummy in the bed and told us a scenario. One was a person coming in on a stretcher that was in a car wreck. We had a whole list of doctor's orders we were suppose to get done in 20 minutes and the doctor was calling us and the family was ther going nuts too. Very nerve wracking! The other was a patient that just got back from surgery and the whole thing started over again. It was crazy. Made me question if I can handle nursing. Haha!
Anyway after school meghann came over and we started painting the walls. It looks good. Far from done but we knocked out some of it. I think that allan may be leaving for montana tomorrow. We aren't positive but he might have to for a few days. So hopefully i can get some more of the painting done while he is gone. My ear is still bothering me so i'm trying to take it easy. I think i have a sinus infection.. seriously that no good PA doesn't know a thing!! lol. she should of put me on some anitbiotics is my opionion. Yes i know they get over used these days but i can count on one hand how many times i've had them in my whole life so it wouldn't of killed me. what's killing me is my ear! lol well not killing me but it isn't comfortable at all.
Anyway allan and lilly are both in bed so i better head there myself. see you all later! ;-)

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