Monday, June 14, 2010

pictures of our trip.

My great grandmother works out at bates nut farm 2 days a week still. She turned 90 this year. Anyway the barrels are full of different types of candy and lilly thought she went to heaven i'm sure cause there were about 20 of them and she could reach in the top and get some candy. My grandmother mazzie liked it so much she just gave her whatever she wanted.
Autn jan and her doggie buster that lilly just loved. Buster loved lilly a little too much and had to be put outside though. Guess he doesn't see kids that often.

Out at bates farm there were little animals that we could feed. So we fed goats, sheep, pigs, ducks, chickens, burrows?, geese, emu's. This is "papa" handing lilly food and trying to teach her to hold her hand flat. She ended up getting pecked by a duck but she didn't cry just was shocked and kept saying " that duck bit me" over and over. Lilly took right to her grandfather. She called him papa the whole time. It's funny cause she calls older gentlemen "papa' and if they are daddy's age then they are "daddy's" and from time to time she will call a girl my age " momma" not as often though.. lol

the big piggy.

That's mazzie.( lilly's great great grandmother.)

the goats that were ruthless when it came to the corn.

My great aunt Marla. Lilly liked her a bunch and wanted to run around holding her hand.

Marla and lilly at marla's new house. It over looks this huge canyon. It was so pretty. Took three years to build but i guess it was worth it. It's an amazing spot and house.

This is my dad mike's back yard. He had some gardens growing and lilly loved them. She helped him pic the oranges and put them in a bag and then she helped carry in two flying saucer squash.

My dad, mike, clipping some broccoli off to give to marla and tom. ( notice his fashionable ugg boots.. can you tell he is a true california guy?) lol.

lilly and "papa" carrying in squash.

mazzie and lilly discussing our truck.

The infamous turtle. This turtle has been around for around 25 years i guess. it was the first thing lilly saw in the house. She loved it.

Lilly liked picking the oranges but when she found out she could eat them and drink them.. oh boy she wanted to pick one every five minutes.. i think we are going to have to get a fruit tree at our house.


The Mason Bunch said...

Such sweet pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time, thus far.

The Thorsrud Family said...

Man I want to grow stuff like that in my yard. Probably not worth giving up cold, for California fruits and nuts though, :0) but I would love to have oranges for the picking! Lilly is so sweet.

Sandy Keyes said...

Well it looks like Miss Lilly had a wonderful trip to CA. Yes, I think you need to plant fruit trees!! Glad to see that your family enjoyed Lilly as much as we do. Give her a hug and kiss for us! Love, Grammy