Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a couple more pictures

Above is of one of the dining table that i just love the seats too.. it goes perfectly with the bluish color of some of the walls.

This one above is of the only thing i don't lik ein the house. it has this wall paper in here that i really don't care for. it's not horrible but i don't love it. Its the bathroom on the first floor that all guests would be using so yeah might change that up.

the pink bed above is the room we would be letting aaron use when he gets here... gonna have to make some changes to that room since it's so obviously girly. lol..but the walls are tan and the baby blue isn't horrible if we just matched it with more guyish things and got rid of all the pink girl stuff.
This room is lilly's and we think emma and her will share a room for the time being. We just don't want to hear them fighting and telling the other one to get out of their room or off of their stuff we want them to bond so they are going to share a room. We will probably get them some bunk beds for their room.

this is part of the master has two sinks in it and two medicine cabinets and a huge storage closet the sinks aren't together like a his and hers they are seperate in each corner but both are gorgeous. this is looking into the bathroom of the master from the bedroom. each of these closets are walk-ins. This is perfect for us because i'm always trying to take over allan's half of closet. This way he can have his own.. lol(if i don't take over half of that one)
this is at the top of the stairs when you come up them. Its a loft area. We actually like that it's a play area for the kids, so we will probably keep it like that but the other idea is to turn it into a big office area.
i love this little table.
and this couch is soo ooo awesome!the color doesn't come thru in the picture but it's really a pretty blue also that goes great with the paint color
a big huge pantry
and this is the front of the house!


The Thorsrud Family said...

so can you ask them to purchase any furniture? If it goes that well, I would see if its for sale! I'm sure stagers rented it, but you never know. Love the house, very pretty. :0)

thekeyes said...

yes we are going to see about getting all the furnishings. There are a few pieces that go so well with the house like the blue couch. So we will see what happens. it belongs to the actual building company so if they want to sell the house bad enough they will just sell the furniture too. ;-) lol

Sandy Keyes said...

The girls will have a wonderful time living here! Really nice. Keep us posted as to if you guys get it and when you get to move in. Sounds like things are moving right along, kiss the girls for us, we sure miss them. Love, Grammy Sandy