Saturday, June 5, 2010

well we made it.

WE made it thru allan's first week of nights. It stinks big time but we are hoping that it is just temporary. They want to hire like 6 more electricians done here and if they do i guess they schedule will get even better. It can't get worse.. lol. I have made lilly a doctro and a dentist apt. I'm prety sure the dentist is going to have to knock her out to do anything on her teeth. She just won't show them her teeth at all. So they have a person that comes in and assists with that once a month so maybe n the next couple of months she will get her cavities filled. Poor girl. She has to have a doctor apt to get a shot. They require a hep a shot down here for daycare. They didn't in wyoming. So she is going to love that on monday. Emma is coming down today. Jennifer is driing her over and then tomorrow we are having a party for her at one of her aunts houses. Allan is still sleeping for another hour and then he is going to get up and hopefully not be fussy and tired the whole day. lol. On monday we are going to go out with the realtor again. We decided to look in queencreek some more. We just thik we could get alot more home for the money and its close to allan's work. I'll just have to find something eventually that is closer to that area or commute. We are looking at houses with pools again too. There is one that we just really like out there but it has an offer on it already too. all the good ones have an offer already. lol.. but it will be fun to look. We really want to get in our own house soon.

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