Wednesday, June 9, 2010

no sleep for the weary

I think I'm taking allans schedule to heart. Its almost midnight and I just can't sleep. I have thoughts about our hopefully new home in my head, and about someday taking my nursing test, and lilly potty training.. did i tell you that she pooped on the pot? i'm not sure if i mentioned it or not. She did once. they are working hard at the daycare training her to potty. lol.. anyway she did it and we cheered her on and gave her a cookie and high fives and hugs! anyway i just went out to the porch and it felt hot so i looked up the tem p and it says it is 90 right now at 1133 at night. yep.. ouch! We took lilly and her friend zane to sonic today and it was miserable sitting outside in the heat. almost unbearable. I guess that's why we are staying up late too. It's not unusual to see parents playing with kids in the park at 10pm here. It's the only time it's cooler i guess. it's strange but i guess people just do stuff later or earlier and try to stay out of the heat during the day. I feel wiped out i guess from the heat but i'm not sleepy enough to fall asleep. I guess part of it is not having allan home too. I never sleep good when he isn't home. I just am so use to having a routine with school for the last two years and always having something that needed to get done and now there is nothing that needs to get done, nothing demanding my attention. Iknow some of you would kill to have this kind of free time to enjoy but it feels weird to me and i just can't get use to it. I enjoy having time to hang out with lilly. I really do. tonight i rocked her and sang praise songs that i knew to her. I remember my mom doing this when we were little and i just loved it and felt so at peace and protected. I use to do it all the time when she was tiny and that was how i got her to sleep. it worked again tonight. it felt good to comfort her and make her relaxed. She has been such a good girl and she has taken this whole move so well. I feel really blessed to have such a good sweet kid. She has such good manners for a two year old. dont ge me wrong she is a two year old and is very familiar with tantrams and saying ' mine" and "share" telling people to share is her big thing right now. However, she has the sweetest little manners. She always says please and thank you alot. She also says sorry and excuse me. it's so cute and it catches people off guard i think cause i constantly get comments from strangers about how cute she is for saying "oh excuse me".
anyway i guess this was just some random thoughts before i try to close my eyes and make myself sleep. what is everyone else up too? anyone got any good or interesting news? i'd love to hear it.

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