Wednesday, June 16, 2010

we did it!!

Okay so we signed a contract for the house!! we don't actually get to move in till the latest is Oct 15th but they think it could be before that. Either way we have our apartment till the end of Oct so we are fine with that. We did get a better deal than we ever imagined on the house. We find out about all the furniture in it either tomorrow or the next day. They agreed to give us the furniture at 25% off the liquidation prices. So we don't know if we will pick out pieces that we like or get all of it rolled into the deal. It depends on what the apprasial of the furniture comes back at. We are pretty stoked about the whole thing though. It's a pretty amazing house. They have a new banner hospital opening out there soon too. I don't know when or if they will hire a new grad or not but at some point i'm sure i'll get a job out there if i don't find a doctor's office that i like better. So there are going to be a ton of details to work out on the house but the big ones are all done and now we know where we are going to live. It's exciting!!
Tomorrow i have a dentist apt. I'm pretty sure that either somethign is wrong with my filling that i got a while back or i have a new cavity. So time to get that fixed. Also tomorrow i'm going to call the state board yet again and see why they haven't released me to test yet. They finally said that they got all my information including my transcripts so they should release me to test now. There are girls already testing and passing so i want to get on with it!!! I started an ATI course to help me review . I guessit's ok. I like studying with my friends better but i have a teacher on there that sends me tests to take and then reviews them and tells me to anzswer questions that i missed and email the answers back to her so maybe that will help too. I've only taken one test on there and i scored the bare minimum that would let me pass that content area on the actual NCLEX. In my defense i took it will lilly in the room driving me crazy and i had to keep getting interrupted to get juice and other things. So i probably would have done better if i was concentrating cause there were a few that i narrowed down to 2 different answers and then i ended up picking the wrong one while i was fussing with lilly. So i think i can go on to the next test soon and see what happens on the next one. i htink it's over nutrition so that could be a rough one sincei haven't done much with that in a while. Maybe not it should be basic stuff too. Anyway i'm pooped after all that house stuff so i'm off to bed.

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Sandy Keyes said...

Congrats on the new home!! Allan sure sounded excited last night when we talked to him. It is so nice to hear you guys are so happy. Sounds like all that is left to do is get a dog and hang the swing! HA! Enjoy the new chapter in your lives! Love, Grammy Sandy