Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So we have a new money pit..

Because we don't like to keep our money and we like to deposit it into gapping holes and basically just throw it away.. we found a new pit to throw ours into today.. lol. Lilly's mouth. Yep she went to the dentist today.. The good news is that she did soooo awesome. She even let them take xrays. Sat in the chair with the big heavy apron and bit on the film and everything. Then she let them look in her mouth and really only cried and fussed when the dentist put her head in his lap to look. She would have let the female assistant do anything she wanted. I was sooo proud of her. However with that being said.. She has to get knocked out on the 12th of july to have one tooth that has been hurting her completely pulled and she needs at least 3 capped and i think white crowns for her front teeth too. They gave me a page that basically had a goo dhalf a page of procedures she needs. They can do them all at once on the 12th. WE have to pay for the anesthesologist ( sp) which isn't too bad i think it's like 650 bucks or so. But the rest of it is like 4600 and our dental caps at 1500 a year. fun huh? booo.. It's fine we have the money to pay for it. We were going to pay off our suburban which we owe less for it than we do now for her teeth.. lol
Anyway So yeah awesome. We have new rules that our kids don't have any juice from now on. Ive been diluting her juice alot since we got here anyway but now it's water and milk only. We knew her teeth were bad but now we have a dollar price on how bad. It's ugly!!!
anyway, the other bad part about that is .. it's the day before my NCLEX exam. Allan also has to work so i'm not sure what we are doing about that but i don't want to take her to daycare the next day after she has all that work done to her teeth. So he is going to try to get the days off or my mom may end up coming back down here early for a visit. who knows.
keep us in your prayers the next few weeks lots of stuff going on.
Emma has her doctor apt tomorrow morning. Lets hope it goes better than lilly's dentist apt did.

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The Mason Bunch said...

Poor baby! I hate to hear the news. I hope everything goes well.