Wednesday, June 30, 2010

4th of July Pictures, Images and Photos

Well is everyone ready for the 4th of july weekend? Allan has to work tonight. He traded working tonight so that he could be off on sat the 3rd. So he still wont be home on the fourth but that's okay we are going to celebrate on the 3rd. I plan on cooking fried chicken ( liz's recipe.. thank you liz) and ky sweet coleslaw ( thank you sandy mcalister it's the best slaw i've ever had) and some mashed potatoes with ranch and sourcream and cream cheese that i have perfected a recipe for now... what else.. i'm not sure. I think anna is going to bring over a big thing of banana pudding. I found a good recipe for that too the other day but i'll wait and see how her's turns out before i give mine a whirl next time. So yeah we are cooking some all american food and going to celebrate with friends. The guys have a fight to watch that night on UFC. I'm going to see if there are fireworks on the 3rd too. I"m betting somewhere there will be. Phoenix is huge.

What else? I'm all done with my ATI class. I finished all the tests i have been taking and so now i can take the predictor test again. It is suppose to tell you how you will do on the actual NCLEX. I still take the NCLEX on the 10th. I plan on just taking my time and looking around for a job. They are kind hard to come by for new grads out here though. We thought it was going to be great and well if i had a year of experience it sure would be. There's tons and tons of nursing jobs but they all want experience. I did see some that were open to new grads. I really want to get a job at a hospital i think. I would do a clinic too.. actually i think i would do anything to just get the year under my belt but that's why i'm going to take my time looking cause i don't want to get stuck in a job cause i took the first one that came my way.

What else?? Lilly is being a good girl for the most part. She said her prayers with me for the first time last night. We laid in bed together and i would say a prayer then she woud repeat the sentence after me. So just about everyone we know got prayed for last night.. lol. she went on and on for a while. oh she has aslo been into the spanking thing.. yes she wants to give you a spanking if you have done something bad. I think it's kinda funny but i'm trying to not let it go to far. So when she gets a spanking from me or her dad she has a habit of crying and she will run to whoever else is around and say " my daddy ( or mommy) hit me!" it sounds so pathitic coming out of her little mouth that i'm almost positive if she told a stranger they would take pity and try to have us arrested. lol.. I can't portray the way she says it on the computer but it's quite sad.. just imagine the sweetest little whiny voice and face saying "my daddy hit me.."

Okay well i'm outta here but you other lady bloggers are slacking!! yeah i'm putting it out there.... where is everyone else's postings? geez you would think you guys are busy or that it was summer or something.. lol


The Mason Bunch said...

Y'all have a wonderful holiday. Good luck with the job search. BTW, I like your new layout.

thekeyes said...

thanks i thought it was kinda vintage. ;0) Hope you all have a wonderful holiday too. I'm sure you will i'm always jealous of your all's get togethers. lol you make them sound so good and fun on your blog.

The Thorsrud Family said...

Hey, that is moms recipe for fried chicken, so you can thank her. I can't take credit :0)

thekeyes said...

well liz, your the only one that i have had make that fried chicken for me nad it's wonderful when you make it so in my eye's it's your recipe!! ;-)