Thursday, June 10, 2010

seriously who does she think she is??

today has been long so i'm going to make this fairly short. lilly is in bed watching finding nemo after a long night of swimming in the pool and playing with zane. my title is referring to lilly... yes i took her to daycare today for the 3rd time. This daycare is big on getting them potty trained i guess. Anyway after the lst time she went she came home and amazingly took that poop in the potty. well she hasn't used the potty since then. she has sat on it but not went. today when i went to pick her up the head teacher said she had been really good and took a nap and told me all the stuff they normally tell you and then she she threme for a loop.. these are her exact words, " lilly stayed dry all day so i was goign to see if you wanted to put her in panties the next time she comes" i just stood there staring at her like she had lost her mind. then i asked "what do you mean she stayed dry?" thinking she didn't have any wet diapers and that maybe she was dehydrated. she said " um she used the toilet all day and didn't have any accidents" then i started staring at her again.. lol in astonishment. we talked about it and i told her that lilly has never peed in the toilet for me other than a few drops a long time ago that i don't even count anymore. So we agred to just leave her in pull ups for now and that we would play it by ear. Sure enough we come home and i ask her like six times if she wants to go to the potty and even try to get her in there once and nope nothing.. saggy diaper again. I'm sure that it's seeing all the other kdis pee in there that makes her want to and lilly did give me a high five when she walked into my bathroom while i was peeing so she nknows it's something good to do it. so besides the crazy toileting they also went on and on about how polite she is . they were suprised to hear her say " no thank you" when they asked her if she wanted to color.
Besides that we don't have much news. We are getting the house appraised on monday i guess and they may have the furniture in it appraised to see how much it is worth so we can make an educated offer after that. i told them we would wait to hear on both of those if they could get it done before wed when allan has to go back to work on thursday. We worked out having emma on fathers day even though allan has to work. We are going to meet up with jenn and pick her up and keep her for a week. Oh and i guess there is a crane crew out at allan's work that he is interested in. i guess its pretty simple work but physical. the key is though.. it's straight dayshift!!!! yep so he is going to ask more about it. not sure if its really somethign he would seriously consider or not but he is going to find out more about it.
we are still going out to california this weekend. I'm thinking we will head out on saturday and stay at my dad's house that night then head back late on sunday probably or early monday depending on if we get to see everyone or not. i plan on taking lilly to see her great great grandmother. i never knew my great great.


The Thorsrud Family said...

Jake is hard to train also. I have come to now have "pants privilages" haha! Seriously. All day, if he goes well, he can wear pants. If he pees in his pants, he doesnt! He does go really well without pants on. Hes even started going without asking. Thats really good they work with Lilly at day care. I know a lot wouldnt, and it would be a lot more difficult to potty train her, when she is at home. Wow, great great? Thats crazy. Have fun!

The Mason Bunch said...

Sarah, that's funny. It probably doesn't seem funny right now, but it will in the few years. Katie was so hard headed when it came to potty training. We tried off and on starting at 18 months. By the time she was 3 years old, I was getting very frustrated. Then, it got to where she would poop and come tell me she needed to be changed. There were times where she would go ahead and take the diaper or pull up off. Ugh! I put panties on her and from then on, we disciplined her everytime she pooped in her pants. She was completely potty trained within 2 weeks. I know every child is different. Just wanted to let you know, I feel ya girl. Good luck!

thekeyes said...

mirya.. maybe that would be a great idea just go go ahead and put the panties on her.. i mean we are in an apartment rigt now so the wrose that could happen is she pees and poops around here and i have to clean it .. since it's not really my house forever i wouldn't be totally stuck with any stains she makes.. lol.. i'm gonna think about that for a while. haha