Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day, Happy Fathers Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Just want to wish my sweet husband out there a very happy father's day. He is sleeping today so he can work tonight and i just want to tell him that he is a great dad. He supports us so well, loves his children, hardly ever complains even when it's tough not too, gives his girls hugs and kisses their elbows when he needs to.. haha. ( lilly has a thing for saying her elbow or knee hurts and it needs a kiss) I"m just really proud to be married to such a stand up guy.

Also happy father's day to both of my daddyroo's.. lol. I think that i'm blessed to be able to have a good relationship with both of my "father's" mike and byron. They have both been there in different ways over the years and i'm thankful for both of them. love you all!

I"m going to go pick up emma today and have some fun with her. I htink we may try to go to the zoo sometime while she is here. Allan wants to plan something for his three days off but so far lilly has a dental apt and emma has a doctor apt and they are on different days. lol..

Here are some pictures of lilly. I'll take some more of her and emma after we get emma. It's just hard to get them to stay still together.. it's usually one or the other is being still. lol.

Below is a new toy we gave to emma for her birthday .. lilly really loves it. lol it took forever to blow up though so i don't want to deflate it quite yet.


The Thorsrud Family said...

MAn, I sure hope Lillys teeth are okay. If its abscessed, she might need them pulled or baby root canals I bet. OUCH! Let us know what happens!

You forgot to say happy birthday to your other dad :0)

that blow up thing is crazy . You guys are very brave in buying that! It would never be deflated here. And the dog would pop it!

The Thorsrud Family said...

wow, I cant type. These kids are sucking my brains out. I meant happy fathers day.

AND I meant DEFLATED. It WOULD be! AUGH! I cant THINK! We stayed up late, and I am exhausted!!!!!

thekeyes said...

Thanks for the comment. You left me wondering if I forgot one of my dads birthdays... I didn't one is in august the other was may. I realized after worrying and callin my mother that you meant I forgot to say happy fathers day to your dad...?? Is that what u were getting at? Well I didn't forget him either. I got him a card and we sent it off before fathers day. But thanks for trying to keep me on my toes.

The Thorsrud Family said...

Ya, this is what happens when you get a fever. I'm sick :0(