Monday, June 14, 2010

allans off

allan is off today for three days. tomorrow we are going to go looka t the house again and take notes of all questions we have and furniture that we would like to keep with it. wed we are suppose to sign papers if the apprasial gets done in time. we are hoping it comes in a little lower. All the guys that he works with have seen pictures and they live out there and they all think its a heck of a deal though so we will probably go ahead and make a deal on wed. allan is inside listening to some waylon jennings (his newest cd). he put together a fan for our bedroom cause it has been staying way too warm at night in there for me. The rest of the apartment stays pretty cool but our room is the only room without a ceiling fan so we needed something to keep the air circulating so we don't have to run the cooler all day andnight. im about to hit the shower then bed. lilly is in her bed. she has been agood girl lately. she loves finding planes in the sky. she just lights up and says "see see see mama.. pane." that means plane for those of you that don't speak lilly. haha. anyway hope everyone had a good monday. We did.

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