Friday, June 11, 2010

how gorgeous is it!??

The weather today was amazing. i gues we had what you would call a cold snap come thru today. I went outside today at 11ish and usually it is already burning heat from above! It wasn't today it was perfect. its like 77 right now at 11130 at night with a slight breeze blowing not like the crazy blow you over winds of casper. We went and hung out with anna and jeff and zane tonight and grilled out hotdogs. Lilly and zane were jumping on a bed at one point and bumped heads or i should say his head into her nose. She was crying one of those wrodless screamless cries before anything comes out and so i was trying to pick her up and comfort her and i saw blood drops all over the bed and couldn't figure out what was bleeding and if it was her or him.. It was her nose. Her first real nose bleed. She did pretty good though. She wanted to wipe it herself and didn't want me to pinch it or wipe it for her and definetly didn't want me to stick anything in there but we managed to get it stopped and then she was fine. She really handled it pretty good. i was suprised. Tomorow we are heading to fallbrook california to see my dad. I think we are going to see my aunt and my great grandmother too. Shoudl be a good time. I wish allan could go with us but it will still be a good trip. I need to get myself and lilly to bed so we can be fresh for the trip tomorrow. Ill ake some pictures and post them soon. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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