Friday, June 18, 2010


So my stomach is doing flips cause i just scheduled my nursing test.. yikes, yep i have a test date. Its July 13th at 8 am.. puke puke is all i can say cause the moment i scheduled it i felt sick to my stomach. It just stinks. i think they should give it to you before you graduate. lol.. Ive been studying but i just started really. so im nervous wondering if i have forgotten a ton of stuff in the last month or not. when you think about it say a prayer for me cause i'm stressed again now. I have to kick the studying into overdrive and get my nose back in the books.
on a different note.. emma comes on sunday. lilly had a bad toothache and i'm worried about her again. They haven't hurt her up to this point really but now they are. i put orajel on them tonight but she hated that. She was a pitiful little thing for a few hours. she has an apt with a dentist on tuesday but i'm hoping they can schedule her in to get her cavities fixed soon after that. i don't think they are going to be able to get her to open her mouth wihtout knocking her out but we will see. She let me brush her teeth without a fight tonight but i think it was cause they were hurting so bad that she was willing to try anything. poor girl.
emma has a doctor apt on wed so we are going to meet back up with her mom then and let her go to the doctor here in town. She has some digestive issues that her mom is going to talk to the doctor about. hopefully it's nothing. i think we are planning on taking jenn and emma to see the new house after that and to hang out and get some lunch while her mom is in town then emma is going to go backon friday. Lilly finally went to bed and i guess i'm headed there to now. Good night all!

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