Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We may have found the one..

We went out looking for houses yesterday with our realtor. We saw about 10-15 more houses. There were a couple that we liked well enuogh to put offers on. there is one that backs up to the golf course and has a pool and is all one level which is great cause it's hard to cool two level homes here. The other is a huge home like a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, pool, mutliple family room home that is priced way under what we think it should be at. These two homes are short sale homes though and we have been trying to stay away from them. We loved this other short sale home but we found out it had two offers in and they can only look at the first two before they look at yours so there was basically no point in even putting in an offer now. So blah blah blah on short sales. The one that we fell in love with and allan can't stop talking about.. is also a maybe. It is out in queencreek where sometimes you can get a cheaper home cause it's on the outskirts of everything. We looked at all the resale homes and short sales we could then our realtor said well we were right by a new home place and she wanted to sign us in so we could go look at some new homes. So we did and they had a 4 bed room 2 bath 2.5 car garage floorplan so we decided to go see it. We drove out to one that was just getting done and it was pretty. we really liked the floorplan. All the bedrooms were upstairs.. and yes i told you it was hard to cool a two story but this is centex homes that we are looking at. They are known here for their efficiency. It tells you what your electric bill should be if you buy that house. Oh and i guess termites can be horrible here in arizona so another big plus is they run tubing in the walls so they can come hook up and spray directly into the walls without you having to get your kids and dogs and what not out of the house because of the smell and all that. So that was really neat. So when we went back to the office we asked to see the model.. The model has a pool and a fun back yard and everything is painted and well it's the model so they want it to make people buy a house. It has 40k worth of upgrades in this model house. Every appliance is brand new and the best whirlpool appliances they offer with energy efficient stars. i don't even know what all the upgrades were but there was a big difference in the house we saw that was empty and the model. So we loved the model. We really liked the new empty one too and would have that as our second choice but the model is now our first choice. It was perfect for us. Oh it even had everything set up for little girls rooms so lilly was playing teacups in "her room" and i asked her if it was her room and she said " no it's emma's" So they are going to find out if they can put the models up for sale now or if they have to wait. Either way they say we have to wait till oct to move in which we didn't want to wait but we would for that house and well we have a lease till then anyway so we wouldn't have to pay extra and break it. so we are holding our breath this morning waiting to hear if it's even a go. if not we like the other one well enough it's the same house generally speaking and it has all new appliances too just not the best ones but still good ones. This is good for us because we sold our appliances with the house and those thigns are expensive. Short sale homes really don't have the appliances most of the time so we would hve to buy new ones. Anyway, i'll take pictures if we go check on it again. say a little prayer that we end up in the right home for us please. WE know we will but it doesn't hurt to bring it before the lord.

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