Wednesday, June 2, 2010

first night done.

It wasn't so bad..alllan went to work last night and lilly and i saw the shrek movie with friends. The movie was cute but lilly didn't want to sit down and be quiet this time she wanted to play and talk. So after that we grabbed some food court grub and then came home. Oh side note we were at an outdoor mall that has a splash pad in it.. becuase it was night they had all their trees decorated with lights and there were a ton of water fountains too it was like a little magical world in there. Oh and right before we left lilly was running and fell down she smacked her head right on the concrete floor. The very front of it she has a big round bruise. So i got to come home and worry about her having a slow bleed and if i should let her sleep or not.. lol. She is fine and still with us this morning so i guess it's just one bruise. I never made allan his spaghetti yesterday so i for sure have to do it today. He had left over meatloaf to take with him yesterday but that's all gone so i have to spend some time in the kitchen today. I also have to run to the store and get some supplies like toilet paper and such today.
Our realtor has finally started sending us some more houses to look at on email. There is only one that i like but i'm wondering if it has alot of offers on it already or not.. So maybe we will look at a house if it doesn't have a bunch of offers yet. Anyway, time to get crackin around here. see youlater

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