Saturday, June 26, 2010


WE got our truck back already. That was way fast. The price was a coupel hundred more but i guess it was from tax that they didn't tell me about when i asked for the quote. BLAH!!!! Anyway We are going to head over to our friends jeff and anna's tonight to let lilly play with zane (who she still calls jake after her cousin) she only gets his name right about half the time. Ive been studing my butt off now. I took another quizz from ATI. I did not do great. Tehy like a 60 and i got a 55. boo.. it was over OB stuff which you would think i would do okay on but n there is a lot to know in that area. I have never done well in that area though so i'm not too concerned. I spent the morning doing a critical thinking exercise on it that was about 45 questions i had to look up to find the answers to. So i'm going to take another test on it and i'm sure i'll get over a 60 on it the next time. I have t get a 60 to go on to the next subject. i have like 3 more after this one before i do thier predictor test.
Lilly has been a funny thing today. She is happy just playing and running around. I put her in this little cherry dress that her grammy got her and she just loves it. you can tell she thinks she looks "pretty". It's very cute. We are still working on potty training. We have moved to pullups and cloth training pants. She apparently does just fine at the daycare still but she comes running in her to tell me that she needs to potty which means she already did in her pants.. yep so no such luck here.
Tomorrow Emma is coming back over and we are going to wim with her mom and aunt autumn in the pool around 6 oclock. It's too hard for me to work on swimming with emma when i have lilly and allan is at work so i invited jenn to come use our pool with us and help her learn how. I'm sure she will be more trusting of her own mama.. she thought i was trying to drown her. lol.
anyway happy saturday!

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Linda Lou said...

Dear Happy Keyes,..Sarah Dawn,

Good work!/Great job!

This is from Linda Lou in S.D., CA,. Your precious Momma Laurel Ann
is one of my favorite/best friend's in the world & she gave me your blogg address but am not sure if i can get through to comment yet or not.,,,it is tricky for some reason,..or maybe it is because i am still a total super PC rookie.

Realy enjoying reading all your wonderful messages. You have the 'gift' of knowing how to share from your heart. Thank you for sharing so much! Hope i get through this time to let you know how much i appreciate your blog. Sincerely,..Linda Lou ~