Friday, June 25, 2010

UGHH where do i start?

Well emma was here for a few days and lilly and her had such fun. lilly is very sad to see emma go back to her mommys and doesnt quite understand. We took emma to the doctor. well jenn took her and i went in cause i was there dropping her off. emma has had some stomach issues for a while now and so the doctor wamted to rule out the easy stuff first like lactose intolerant so she isnt to have any milk for a week. we also have to get three stool samples so that was my job for the first two. i have to say though emma hasn't had the issues in the last couple of days since we took her off all dairy. hopefully that is it and we will have gotten to the bottom of it. Emma is back at her mom's now so i don't know hw it is going now.
Lilly has been amazing with her teeth since we went to the dentist. i gave her a bath and she sat very still while i brushed her hair tonight. then i said time to brush your teeth and she tried to fight for a second but when i pushed and made her tip her head back she opened her mouth and let me brush them. This is a big step cause before she acted like you were literally trying to kill her. so BRAVO miss lillypad!
Emma got a tough love lesson in swimming from me. I can't even begin to descirbe the look of fear when i made her swim to me in the deep end and i kept moving away from her. I could have grabbed her at any second but she definetly didn't think i was going to... The amazing part is she kept her head above water and was totally ticked at me for about an hour and trying to tell me she was never going to go swimming again and that her mom and dad didnt care if she swam or not but i told her we were movign to a house with a pool and that she was going to learn how to swim before that or i would make her wear a lifejacket everytime she was outside. She didn't seem to care until the next day we went swimming and i put a lifejacket on her.. yep she didn't like it at all! so she was begging me and allan to help her swim. She can doggie paddle quite effectively now. i'm pretty postive that if someone pushed her in the deep in she could swim to the side so that is an acomplishment! BRAVO Emma LOU SUE!
SIO what was so Bad you might ask about the week?? well today the transmission in our new truck went out. It only has 50k miles on it. Seriously i don't think we will ever buy another dodge in our life! I am put out. So that is going to cost us like 2000 dollars to fix. so that and lilly's teeth pretty much toook what we made on our house sale. Oh well i guess easy come easy go! I'm glad that we have it to pay an that we don't have to do payment plans or go forever with only one vehicle. The truckis in the shop till tuesday or wed the latest. This stinks for me cause i'm either stuck at home with no car or i have to take and pick up allan cause he started his 5 days on today.
Oh did i tell you that we negotiated the furniture down to 5500? yeppers we get the whole house with all the furniture in it. It's exciting. I love it. I just htink it was decorate perfectly for us. There are a few things i don't want and will probably sale on craigslist later but jsut about all of it will stay. so that is our good bad and ugly for the week. hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm off to study. I rescheduled my exam for the 10th so i got to get crackingn on it. so far about 8 people have taken theirs and i only know of one that hasn't passed. i do not want to be the second one..

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Jenn said...

Oh that stinks about the truck.
I have to add my opinion on the house...I LOVE IT!! I love the decor and the style and the loft at the top of the stairs is just perfect! It has me all excited to start more year Yaaay!