Monday, September 20, 2010

why me?? seriously..

I'm having a bit of a pity party and a bit of an I'm ticked off party all rolled into one tonight. So tomorow is the BIG moving day. We are going to try and get it all out. You know what would help?? my car. Yeah so tonight we were going to celebrate getting out of our apartment and into our home by eating out. ( our things are packed up so the kitchen is out of order temp.) on the way to dinner my car made a funny noise. We turned down music andair and listened and then when we got to the light it sounded even worse when we tried to move from the light it pretty much took it's last breath and died completely. I am talking about the new car that i just bought. The 2006 vw jetta. YEah.. I have some horrible luck with cars i tell ya. Anyway so it took us till ten tonight to get the tow truck all set up and now it's at the dealers waiting for me to call them in the am with a mouthful. We think it is the power steering pump that went out and hur thte fan under it and we just aren't really sure what else happened. I haven't even made my first payment. I'm thinking this should be covered under a lemon law.. ?? Either way it should all definetly be under the super dooper warranty that i paid good money for. We will find out tomorrow. But that puts a small kink in the day because i am suppose to be moving but i will be at the dealers yelling and screaming. lol. then i'll be moving after that in hopefully the rental car they are suppose to provide me with if they have to keep my car. ;-)
So wihs me luck tomorrow. oh and that neighbor that sold me this car.. yeah my dog is going to poop in his yard forever.!! I'm tempted to let emma start a dogwalking business and have her let all other dogs poop in their yard too. lol

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Sandy Keyes said...

Sorry to hear about your new car :(
It will work out, I'm sure they will cover and take care of the problem, OR.... your neighbors yard is really really going to STINK! HA! Try to have a good day, keep telling yourself, "This too soon shall pass".
Love, MOM