Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting Comfy

We spent the first night in our house last night. We got just about all the big stuff including the beds moved in here so we stayed here. It was nice. Except we found out the hard way that the air was set to basically not run during the night. WEll it was set to 80 or something. WE are more like 75 kinda people so both allan, lilly , and I were all sweating pretty much the whole night. Its funny because i turned it down to like 73 right before i got in bed thinking it was going to be hot in there with lilly in our bed ( yes first night in new house she slept with us) So i guess during hte night while we were all sweating it never occured to us to go check and see what the thermostat was on. lol.. It was set to run on a schedule so it switched back over to 80 in the middle of the night. Lilly has been having tons of fun running around the new house. I think she really likes it. She does not like to feel like she is alone in here though. I was in the bathroom in our bedroom but i guess she didn't look in there cause she went downstairs to find me when i called for her. I thought it had taken her a long time to come see what i wanted so i went to find her and poor thing i found her downstairs next to the front door sitting on the floor crying hard. She thought that i wasn't here with her i guess. So we are staying where she can see us or telling her where we are until she feels like it's more home. We took her to the apartment today so she could see it was all empty and to get the last few things we had there. She kept saying.. " gone" couch gone, toys gone, trash gone, lol everything was gone. lol.. Liz it made me think about maddie and how she says " someone stole it" well lilly just says " gone" for everything that is missing. she doesn't even start to reason why it's gone.
Allan is at the gym tonight. We have tons to do but really it's quite livable as is. We already have our cable set up. That got done today and we have phone and internet because it's a package deal so we are pretty ready to go. I went grocery shopping tonight and finally got a curtain for the bathroom window so i plan to really enjoy my soak in the tub tonight.. Last night i couldn't resist taking a hot bath my muscles hurt so bad from days of moving crap so i decided i didn't care i was taking a bath. We have a huge window right by the bathtub. It lets in alot of pretty light but we are going to have to figure out something for it soon a curtain will do till then. Anyway i had to play stealth mode to get into and out of the bath tub without giving our neighbors a show i'm sure they didn't want to see. lol.. It's fine when you are in the tub cause the window is above it. Its just bad when standing up in the tub to get out.So anyway tonight i don't have to play army ranger to get a soak thank goodness.
Lilly is in her bedroom with a movie and so i'm going to go enjoy the quiet and wait for allan to get back home. Goodnight everyone.


The Thorsrud Family said...

Yea! I'm so excited for you guys! Take more pics of the place! You know, since I did such a good job at that, that you need to do it! ha! I'll have to call soon and check in, but I am so happy that you guys are all settled. I'm even more excited to visit a warm place when we come! ha! Thanks for going to AZ!!

The Thorsrud Family said...

oh, I was going to comment on Lilly too! Poor thing! These kinds of things are hard on them. It sounds like your doing a great job, understanding :0) I hope she adjusts soon :P When we lived at the in laws Jake would throw the biggest fits of his life. It was terrible, he continued through to our new house. Then after a few weeks in our new house, it was time to lay the smack down again! So hard transitioning! The stole part is funny! ha! Ya, we still do that around here. I use to do the same thing, unfortunately! ha! But lilly saying Gone, is kinda sad! I'll all be back to normal soon, little girl :0)