Friday, September 17, 2010

We got a new house.. ahhhhhh!

Yes we did sign for our house yesterday and have already started moving boxes from storage and a few from the apartment. There's sooooo much to do i'm getting a bit overwhelmed. My friend serra helped this morning and i'm taking a break now before i go start to pack the kitchen up here and then lilly's room. YUCK!! But i love love love our new home and i'm really excited about getting totally moved into it. I can't wait to actually start staying there. We had a little celebration last night after we moved some things in we ate dinner and went swimming in the pool just allan, lilly and myself. It was good family time. I posted pics of lilly being silly in my closet. She was playing dress up with my stuff and then some pictures of us swimming in the pool. We have wanted to take a dip each time we went out there this summer so it only felt right to celebrate by jumping in.


Sandy Keyes said...

YEA!!! (clapping) You guys are in!!! The pool is beautiful!! Lilly is so cute doing her dress up! We are so excited for you guys, post or send lots of pictures. Congrats!! You guys are doing great! Love, MOM

The Mason Bunch said...

Congratulations! Happy moving!