Tuesday, September 28, 2010

aww days off..

allan has had yesterday and today off. Tomorrow he goes to day shift so that will be nice to have him around still at night. We are getting the garage cleaned up this week so that they can install our opener on friday. We have been explorihng around our new neighborhood some this week. We have also been getting comfy with our new little doggie. He is a cute funny little thing. He is very relaxed the only time he gets excited is when we come home from being gone. HE jumps on us and barks so happy to see us. lol.. he doesn't do it when new people show up just when we come home. I don't think he likes being alone. We are going to put up some halloween lights and decorations on allan's next days off. We bought some orange and purple lights and a little strobe light for the front window. We have had a bunch of homework to do this week to. Lastnight we invited friends over and had ham, mashed potatoes, corn, dressing and football. It was realy yummy. Wlamart has a ham that is in a purple foil thing. I don't know the name of it but we have had it twice and it comes with a little sauce to put over it. It's delicious. We really don't cook ham too much other than holidays so it was yummy last night. Allan even liked it and he isn't a big ham fan. ;-)
Anyway i'm going to get off here. Lilly wants to go to the park and either me or her daddy has to take her. lol
p.s. mirya we got the package of clothes. thank you!

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