Sunday, September 19, 2010

a day of rest..

Yes today was suppose to be my day of rest and it was for the most part. I went to the store for some juice and a few other things but other than that i only packed about 6 boxes. So that was my day of rest. lol.. I didn't move any boxes and our house and apartment are in utter disarray but hey that's what moving does right.. ?? lol.
I watched a few football games today too. MAN IT WAS A CRAZY DAY FOR FOOTBALL. I can not believe all the upsets we had today. What else?? Allan had to work a little later than normal i guess he had a pretty rough day out at the mill. He is fast asleep now like i should be but i can't sleep. seriously i think i have insomnia. (sp?) It doesn't help that our realtor is set on finding me a job. I'm not sure why she has devoted her life to me but it looks like she has. lol. She was in the medical field for 20 or 30 years before going into realty. She was an administrator for a staffing company that provides the banner hospitals with ER Doctors. yeah so anyway when we met with her before she would always ask me if i found a job or looked here or there yet. ( which i havne't because i wasn't really actively looking for a job yet) Anyway i told her that everything i had been hearing is that new grads have a really hard time finding good jobs in the hospitals and well Banner in particular doesn't hire to many because they get their own right out of school. When we met with her to sign our papers for the house last week she asked me again and then told me that i must be right because she had talked to two different higher ups that she knew at banner and both of them said " yep good luck" basically. Well anyway to get to the end of my story apparently she has set her mind to finding me a job cause she emailed me tonight and said the lady that took her job was at her nephews birthday party and she talked to her about me. The lady said she was going to staff the ER for the new hospital opening 5 minutes from our new house. She said she doesn't have any nurse openings but she might have a secretarial or tech job to get my foot in the door. I know i know it's not nursing and that is what i went to school and am still going to school for.. But if i can get my foot in the door anyway at all in that new hospital it would be worth it. Otherwise where ever i am going to work is going to be a drive. So the lady was goign to call me but wants me to send her my resume. So i did tonight. We will see what happens. I'm hoping to hear something from her and i don't even care if it's nursing or not for right now. I could work on sweetening up those doctors in the ER and watch the going on's for a while and keep working on my BSN then.. suprise them into giving me a job. haha.. Okay so i'm off to go think good thoughts and dream good dreams about getting into the hospital that i want to work for. Sneaky or not I want in there!! I will get in there it just might take some time and some crappy jobs before i do. But hey i did 8 years in the navy.. i've done crappy jobs. I loved the navy but I have done some bottom of the ladder jobs there before. good night everyone. Please say a prayer about this. If i'm suppose to be there i'm sure it will all work out according to his plan but still say a prayer for me if you think about it. ;-)

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Sandy Keyes said...

Sounds like you have a good friend! Administration...the plus is Mon-Fri. 8 hour days. And yes, you can transfer within Banner. They pay administration pretty good too. It will get your foot in the door. And yes your BA degree would close the deal. Have a good day. Love, MOM