Sunday, September 5, 2010

We tried a church this morning

We tried out a church this morning. We decided it was time to go try out a church and to start the process of actually picking one out. We need a home church here to call our own so we had been talking about going to our friends church and we never made it there yet. We had seen a billboard that was a weird ad for a church. The ad was a couple pointing their fingers at each other and it said our lame sex.. who's to blame. It didn't say anything about church. I had seen the billboard before driving down the freeway and anyway they did a bit about it on the news and it was surprisingly a churches billboard. I guess they are doing a whole segment on intimacy and sex and all that and what the bible says about it all. Anyway it was also thae church that i keep seing a ton of bumperstickers for. It's called cornerstone. So this morning allan was suppose to work but he took a sick day because he was running late and wasn't really needed and emma is here to. So we made today our church experimenting day. We tried it out. I really have no complaints except that it was huge. ( probably doesn't help that it's a holiday weekend and we wen't to the busiest service) They have 5 services on sunday which i like cause you can always make it to one no mattter what you got going on. They even have one at 5 pm at night. They do have tons of small groups so i guess if we like the church enough we could get involved in one of those to not feel too swallowed up. The kids area was amazing.. Emma went to her 2nd grade classroom. All kids her own age. I liked that. I don't like when they are mixed in with older kids. I don't care if it's church or not things can happen with big and small kids being together and it wigs me out a bit. Anyway she liked it a lot i think. Lilly went to her only 2 year old class. i asked emma what she did whiel we went to church and she listed about 6 things none of which were "churchy" at all.. so i asked her did they even talk about god or have a lesson at all? she told me they did talk about respecting one another and treating people like you want to be treated. So that was okay. I was worried that they had just kept the kids busy and that isn't what i want them to do. I want them to hear about god when they go to church. Anyway lilly had colored a bible picture but she didn't tell me what else she did. lol.. Allan and i are not sure abou tthis one just yet. We may go a time or two more and see. They were in the middle of the sex lectures.. lol that is what we have named them lol. It was interesting. They had a girl come in and talk shen had been in a prostitution ring and had gotten saved from it. I guess their church is also doing some big ministry with that because the sex slave rings are very much a real thing in phoenix. They say that everyone thinks it is an immigrant thing and all that but it's like 85 percent white american girls. So it was interesting to listen to everything but i want to see how one of their actual sermons go. I think they said they have a total of 6000 people now. it doubled in the last two years. of course we didn't see 6000 we were only at one service but i guess i could believe it. phoenix is pretty huge.


The Thorsrud Family said...

ya, its hard to find a church. The hardest part is that it shouldnt just FEEL right. It has to be scripturally sound. We had to compare a lot of what the pastors said to what the bible said. We ended up going to a church that we arent as comfortable in, but is very scripturally and doctrinally sound, and that is the most glorifying to God. We will get comfortable in time, especially now that I am getting very involved. A feel good church wont get your anywhere :0) We learned that. Augh. So, do a lot of praying, and a lot of comparing, and God will tell you what is right and wrong. He did us! With a great church, and good relationship, One of the best things God can do is to convict us, I love it because He usually convicts us a little bit at a time. He doesnt bring every single bad thing up, all at the same time, thank goodness! God is always working on us, to be more like cool. I will be praying that you guys find a church home, that is glorifying to God, and is scripturally sound, where you can all grow, and have a wonderful relationship with Him! EXCITING!

thekeyes said...

We weren't going for the "feel" of it. Maybe I should have put in there that I had looked them up online to see what exactly their beliefs were. If we didn't think the were scriptually sound we wouldn't of even went today but you can sometimes be mislead I guess. That's why we aren't just going by what I read online. We went to check it out but couldn't tell a whole lot because it wasn't their normal service really. Kinda like going on easter or a christmas service. We know what we want but we will go where we are lead to go. We are hoping that it means a smaller church closer to our new house.. lol we will see.