Saturday, September 18, 2010

moving and shaking

Well this is day three of moving and still not done. I'm thinking we really should have just rented a uhual or hired movers.. haha. We had help today. John and his wife Serra came and helped out. Annna also showed up later in the day after getting lost trying to find out house. Yes we are moving to the boonies. haha. Anyway we got alot of store cleared out of storage and put away into our new house. We also got a couple of the big entertainment centers moved over to the new place so our cable is waiting to be hooked up on wed. I'm thinking our first night in our house will be tuesday nightcause allan is off tuesday and wed so we should be able to be out of here or at least have all of our stuff out of here and just cleaning left to do. I don't think our stuff will ever be fully unpacked at the new house though. haha.. jeff and anna are going to help out on tuesday and john said he would come help after work if we still needed help so it's nice to have some friends helping out. We got alot of stuff put to the side for a yardsale and stuff that we have already sold put into the garage for people to come pick up later. Allan is already asleep and it's not even 9. He has to work in the am and i'm sure he got a good workout today moving all that stuff. Lilly was distraught that our tv's were gone. she kept putting her hands on her hips saying " daddy took my teeveee" so she is watching a movie in her bed on the portable dvd player and i'm almost willing to bet that when i go in there she is going to be fast asleep. We will see. We had pizza and swam with our friends at the new house. We have no idea about how to work the pool yet so once we get in there allan is going to have a new hobby. it's pretty nice but has a few leaves floating around and some salt on the sides that needs to be scrubbed off of there. I've done a ton of loads of laundry already cause everything needed to be washed after if came from storage. I have to say the washer and dryer are awesome!! nicest ones i have ever had. Also the fridge is pretty nice. It's fancy though and has a ton of buttons on it too. you can get measured cups out of it. measured in ounces, cups, or liters.. or water bottle size. crazy huh.. Its all exhausting but pretty amazing. I liked our first house and it will always be a little senitmental but thinking about selling it and getting this.. well they are like night and day difference. It's just a really amazing house and we are so happy with it. I could go on and on about everything about it but i'm sure you all are sick of hearing about it. so my main point is that we love it and we are really happy about getting to have such a wonderful home for our kido's to play in. Our street is very quiet outside too. We don't hear a peep when we go out. I've seen a few neighbors. we are excited for trick or treating hoping that we will meet some then if not before.
Emma is coming up this weekend with her mama. I think they are going to come hang out one night while allan is at work and we will probably keep emma the weekend. Lilly is very excited to see " her emma" . i plan to swim with them and take the girls to the park and maybe even for some bikes and wagon rides maybe. Test out our new roads.
Anyway i have another long day of homework and packing so i better get to bed too. good night everyone.

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The Thorsrud Family said...

Oh I just love Lilly. Daddy, give her Tevee back! She's so adorable. :0)